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Ranching has been a major Texas industry for nearly three centuries. As early as the 1690s, the Spaniards brought in stock with their entradas. In the 1830s, the men who came to Texas were primarily farmers and not ranchers, but they quickly saw the significance of lush pastures where cattle could thrive so many became cattle raisers.Mexico

Students will view several online newspapers and follow the permalinks embedded in each PowerPoint slide to learn about the cattle kingdom and its importance to Texas.

They will use the Texas Cattle Kingdom activity, Story maps, and a Cattle Trail map to guide their exploration, as well as other resources such as Cattle Trail Math, Cause and Effect, Photo Analysis, a Word search puzzle, Cowboy songs, and Podcasts to find out more!

The end of the nineteenth century brought in the transformation of ranching to the closed-range system with the open-range drift fences superseding the complete enclosure of ranch holdings. Use the online newspaper links to discover how this occurred!