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Human Statues to the Progressive Era


Human Statues to the Progressive Era enables students to identify the leaders and movements human statueof the progressive era and its impact on Texas. Students will work in groups of four to create Human Statues to the Progressive Movement.  They will choose their groupwork roles, research their topic, design their statue, build props and create a plaque. Progressive era topics explored include the Women's Movement, the Grange, Farmer's Alliance, Populist Party, James Hogg, Progressive Movement, NAACP, and Prohibition.

 As the groups complete each step, the teacher will initial the steps on the check-off sheet.  On the second day, they will display their statues and read their plaques while other students take notes on the various Progressive Movement groups. As students are observing the different statues, they will need to take notes on their chart by sketching the statue and summarizing the different plaques.