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The First Two Presidents of the Republic of Texas

The Republic of Texas was a long time coming, and it was through many battles such as Gonzales, Goliad, Alamo, and San Jacinto that Texas was won. When Texas Houstonwas declared independent, Sam Houston was elected the first president of the new Republic of Texas with Mirabeau B. Lamar as the best choice to be right-hand man to serve as Vice President. Later, Lamar took the next term as the 2nd President of the Republic of Texas. Lamar The two, however, had very different views when it came to Texas.

This lesson will introduce students in understanding how the Republic of Texas came into existence and the events that led to statehood. Through primary sources, students will analyze two different points of view about the same event. Through group activities, games, and debate they will come to understand how different these two men were and how each wanted the best for Texas.

Lesson by By Carrie Hunnicutt & Stacy Phillips