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The resources in this primary source set are intended for classroom use. Click on a thumbnail image to view the original resource and download link for viewing and saving. PDF documents are available for download and use in your classroom discussions.


The Journey of Cabeza de Vaca

Alvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca's first hand account of his journey from Florida to the Pacific Ocean between 1528 and 1536. PDF

America Noviter Delineata

A map of the New World from 1633. PDF

Carte du Mexique et de la Floride

This is a map that was hand drawn in 1722 based upon reports brought back to France from the survivors of the La Salle expedition. It was one of the first maps to accurately depict the course and mouth of the Mississippi River. PDF

Stephen F. Austin Book

Stephen F. Austin's account of the establishment of the Austin Colony and an English translation of the laws and documents related to the founding of the colony is the first book printed in Texas. PDF

Letter Concerning Lorenzo de Zavala

This unsigned letter was written in 1833 and discussed the means to remove Lorenzo de Zavala from the State of Mexico. PDF

1835 Map of Texas

This map of Texas in 1835 shows land grants, territories, and many Texas landmarks. PDF

Texian Loan

This Texian Loan Certificate was issued in 1836 to raise money to fund the Texas Revolution. It was signed by Stephen F. Austin. PDF

Davy Crockett and the Siege at the Alamo

Davy Crockett's heroic fight at the Battle of the Alamo. PDF

Biography of Private Alfonso Steele

A book that contains Alfonso Steele's first hand account of the Battle of San Jacinto in 1836. PDF

Map of Mexico and the Republic of Texas

This map of Mexico and the Republic of Texas was drawn in 1838. PDF

Letter Written by Sam Houston

This letter was written by Sam Houston during his second term as President of the Republic of Texas in 1843. PDF

Certificate of Election Signed by Anson Jones

This is a Certificate of Election signed by the last president of the Republic of Texas Anson Jones in 1845. PDF

Republic of Texas Land Grant

A land grant from 1845 signed by Anson Jones. PDF

Life of J. W. Holston

This manuscript is a handwritten chronicle of the life of J. W. Holston who was born in Mississippi in 1863 and moved to Texas as a child. As an adult he worked as a cowboy and served as a Texas Ranger. PDF

Mortgage Bond Signed by Santa Anna

This $500 mortgage bond was presented to Henry G. Northon and Virgil Whitcomb by Antonio López de Santa Anna using property and palaces in Mexico as security. PDF

1883 Map of Denton

A birdseye map of Denton, Texas drawn by Augustus Koch in 1883. PDF

Military Maps of Battles of the Texas Revolution

A map illustrating the combat near the Mission Concepcion during the Texas Revolution. PDF