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The Baseball Player


The Baseball Game

Playing the Game!

Philadelphia and Chicago loom up as pennant winners. The two teams are beginning to shape themselves so as to give the fans a very good idea as to which team will fight. They are ready to give fans a good time. PDF

Curve Ball

Curve Ball

Some of the uncanny things pitchers can do with a baseball would give a professor of physics a headache. The sight of a pitched ball shooting, darting, rising, falling, hesitating, and wobbling like a man with too much holiday spirit. Do you know how the pitcher does it? PDF

Babe Ruth

Did Babe Ruth get another one today? The heaviest bat is like straw in these hands. He was born left-handed, the "Babe" dwarfs them all!
First Game of World Series

First Game of World Series

First game of world series today finds the critics equally divided. Winner of opening clash expected to become champion.

Mackmen Triumphant

Cobb predicts four straight! Baker, Barry, Coombs, Star Mackmen earning world honors. Coombs for second time in series. Mackmen are confident!

World Series

Official Averages of the World Series (1910)

Five players who appeared in the great World Series. Three fingered Brown was one of the Cub's disappointments....Joe Tinker played his game short.....Read more about each! PDF

The Greatest of All Teams

Final score in the game for championship. Mathewson again invincible. Admist the plaudit's of more than 20,000 baseball enthusiasts the New York National League champions won the world's professional baseball championship.