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About Primary Source Adventure

Are you looking for creative ways to introduce critical thinking skills to students? Do you want students to understand bias, and to interpret and absorb conflicting information? The Portal to Texas History offers Primary Source Adventures to enrich students’ knowledge of Texas History by providing exciting materials that correspond to multiple aspects of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for teaching Texas History.

Each Primary Source Adventure incorporates fascinating materials brought together to spark Betty Moore operating a steel machineinterest and get young minds thinking about history in a new way.  Students quickly grasp the difference between reading their textbooks, and exploring a first-hand account from someone who was actually there as it happened. 

How we help you. Each Primary Source Adventure includes an introduction to the materials and links to other learning resources to help you be prepared and ready to go. The lesson plan discusses the objectives, assumptions, materials, anticipatory set, instructional input, guided practice, and assessment activity for each Primary Source Adventure.  Each Adventure includes a worksheet to assess students’ learning.

Ready when and where you are. Since the Primary Source Adventures are online, they are freely accessible 24 hours a day. Materials can be shown on audio visual equipment in the classroom, or downloaded and printed as convenient handouts.