The Age of Contact Unit Vocabulary

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Vocabulary Terms

Spaniards wanted Native populations to follow this religion
a territory ruled by another nation and settled by people of that nation
a Spanish soldier-explorer who sought personal riches and power, as well as wealth and glory for Spain, in the conquest of the Americas
journey made for a special purpose
a religious settlement
to find a way to pass over or along a body of water
a district of a colony or country; similar to a state
a place where people live
an official who rules in the name of the king or queen

Key People

Alonso Álvarez de Piñeda
explored and mapped the Texas coastline, which led to colonization of Texas
Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca
first landed in Florida but left after coming across hostile Indians; sailed along the coast in rafts trying to reach Mexico but landed off the coast of Texas, on Galveston Island; he is among the first Europeans to explore Texas and lived among the Native Americans in Texas and Northern Mexico; after exploring, went to Mexico and told Spanish leaders the story of the cities ofgold
Francisco Coronado
Spanish explorer who traveled north from Mexico through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Oklahoma into Kansas looking for the fabled Seven Cities of Gold
Sieur de LaSalle
explored the lower Mississippi River and claimed what is now Louisiana for France around 1683

Major Events

Fort St. Louis
settlement built by members of the La Salle expedition possibly near Garcitas Creek in Texas

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