The Impacts and Effects of Reconstruction in Texas

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This lesson will examine the political, economic, and social impacts the period of Reconstruction had on Texas. Students will gain an understanding of the challenges faced by Texans during the period directly leading to the end of Reconstruction and directly following. Students will learn about the shifting political climate in Texas and the development of new economic systems such as sharecropping, tenant farming, and convict labor, all used to rebuild the Texas economy. The lesson will also provide context on the development of systems of resistance and repression such as the Ku Klux Klan, with the goal of limiting African American political participation and civil liberties.

Essential Questions

  1. How did economic practices of Reconstruction impact Texans, including the newly freed African Americans?
  2. In what ways did forced labor continue in Texas following Reconstruction?
  3. How did Texans embrace or resist changes in the state resulting from Reconstruction policies?

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