Barbara Jordan Extension Lesson

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Barbara Jordan was a known advocate for women’s rights during her lifetime. For this extension activity, students will analyze the text of Jordan’s famous “Jack and Jill” short speech in which she addresses the lack of equality between men and women in the United States during the 1970s. Her speech makes use of the old nursery rhyme, Jack and Jill went up the hill, to demonstrate her point and argue that women are not included in the “All men are created equal” clause of the Declaration of Independence.

Essential Questions

  1. In what ways did Barbara Jordan express her thoughts on equality?
  2. What areas of our nation did Barbara Jordan make an impact on during her lifetime?

Teacher Tools

Student Activities

  • Mapping Skills

    Teachers can provide students with time to review their notes and conduct research to identify locations that are key in explaining the life and legacy of Barbara Jordan. Students should select locations that were significant during Jordan’s time as a leader or places where she is currently remembered (schools, exhibits, monuments, etc.). Students should aim to locate a minimum of 8 locations nationwide. For each location, students should also associate an image or symbol and provide a short description of each location. The description must articulate the connection between the location and Barbara Jordan.

    To make this activity more interactive and technology based, students can also create travel guides or virtual tours using applications such as The Clio, which was created by a historian and allows instructors and their students to add historical sites of interest for those interested in them. Google Pin is also another digital tool that creates specialty maps and tours.


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